What’s a review site?

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Review sites

For clarity we use the term ‘review site’ by which we mean the actual website that a person can freely enter a review for your service or business. Examples of sites that accept reviews would be Facebook, Google My Business, Yell, Yelp, TripAdvisor and many many more.

We accept any independent review collection website.

Can I change my review sites?

Yes, you can add, remove and change your review site links anytime (manual validation will be conducted again for adding or changing), this is a major bonus as your re.vu name stays the same even if you change your review site links.

Do you collect the review and send it to the review site?

No, we don’t collect the actual review, we are not a review site. Look at us as more of an enhancement to your review sites, a easy shortcut to all your review sites. We give choice to your customers to encourage the ease of leaving a review.

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