How to get a name?

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Getting a name

It’s easy to get your businesses name such as (if your business name is Handy Steve ?), firstly enter your chosen name into the search box then press ‘Check Availability’. names cannot contain spaces or special characters, however you can use underscores (_). names should also be longer than three characters.

How do I get a Revu name

Try to make your name as short as possible to make it easier for your customers.

The name is available

Once you have found your unique name as indicated by the green box stating that it’s available, click on the ‘Register Now’ button. You will then be asked for some very basic details to setup the account.
Once completed you will receive an email that contains your password for the account, which you can use to login to the dashboard.

The name I want is taken

Try a variation of the name, perhaps adding your location may help or abbreviating your business name will probably help.

Can I have any name?

Because we feel that your name should represent your business, brand or website name. We will not approve names that are rude, abusive or misleading. All we expect is that you play fairly and not to game the system.

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