How do I add a review site?

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The dashboard

After choosing your review link you can enter up to ten review site links (depending on your plan).

Our simple dashboard enables you to control the review sites that you want your customers to leave reviews on.

The Revu Dashboard

I’m not sure what I need enter?

We have kept this dashboard very simple.

  1. Using your computer, open the web page that displays your bushiness reviews, for example go to your FaceBook page.
  2. Copy the website address from the very top bar of text. Staying with the example of FaceBook it will look something like this ‘’ or ‘’ (to copy, highlight the text and use ctrl+c or command+c on a mac).
  3. Paste this text into the dashboard in a free text box ‘Review website’ (to paste, place the text cursor in the text box and use ctrl+v or command+v on a mac).
  4. Finally click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

Don’t worry. It speeds things up if all we need to do is check and validate your entries however, because we understand that this techie stuff is not everyone’s bag so just enter as much as you can, and we will do the rest.


We manually validate all entries before any entries go live. Yes this is a real team of actual humans that check everything is correct to ensure that our platform stays clean and trustworthy. Because of this sometimes validation can take some time depending on your queue position. However we aim to validate within 24 hours.

Video Explainer

Adding A Review Site

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