Asking for a review

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Asking for a review.

Actually getting a good review is easier than you may first think, you just provide a great service and ask for the review.
That sounds so simple when I put it like that, and for some people it is, most of us though asking for a review face to face can seem daunting even if you know it will produce the best result, you have already made that connection with your customer and if you have provided a great service most people are happy to give a review. Look at it from the other side, if someone provided you with great service would you be happy to provide a review when asked?

Give your review link to your customers or display it at your checkout so your customers can review you easily using your short review link address. Having a physical reminder in your customers hand to leave a review certainly helps with review uptake.

How do I promote getting reviews?

You can use your / link in any email, social media, postal campaigns and also on your website, business cards, business signage etc. Your review link doesn’t change even if you change or add review sites.

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