Adding Review Sites to The Dashboard

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Our dashboard is simple, we designed it that way as we are not all the same, some people may just “get it” by viewing the dashboard and others may think “I have no idea what to do here”.

There are some easy steps to adding your review sites to the dashboard, we even made a short video to explain it:

Adding A Review Site


  • Make sure you have logged into your account and can see the dashboard
  • Visit Google, search for your business to find your Google reviews. Normally displayed in a small box with some information about your business.
  • Copy the long address from the very top of the browser window
  • Visit the dashboard and paste the address into the first blank review input box
  • Do the same with any other review sites that you have, such as FaceBook etc.
  • When your done, scroll down and click “Save”
  • Wait until your entries are verified, for which you will be notified by email.
  • Ready to go and start collecting reviews using your new link

If you have any problems or would like us to do this part for you then just contact us via the dashboard support. Happy to help.

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