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We charge the plan value in GBP via stripe. There are no hidden charges, no advertisement and you can cancel anytime. The charge that you subscribe to will not increase as long as you continue your subscription.

Payment options

Stripe is a payment provider, they look after your subscription, we do not hold any card details just that you have paid. You can update your card details via our dashboard at any time.

What happens after the 10 day trial?

If you do not cancel, you will be charged the rate that you have signed up for. If you decide that you do not wish to continue during your trial period then you can simply cancel your account.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription anytime via your account dashboard, your review name will be released once you cancel.

Your Data

We hold the minimum amount of information necessary to successful run your account. If you ask for your account to be cancelled or decide not to continue after your trial has ended, all of your data will be deleted and therefore not recoverable.

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